Falla workshop

Falla workshop

This creative activity imitates the traditional "Falla de Valencia" or "Bonfire of Alicante", one of the most important festivals in the region. Giant sculptures are built related to a particular theme and exposed all over the city.

Distributed in teams, participants get to make their own "Falla" in a dynamic way, carving and painting, to end up joining their creations to a larger central figure that has been prefabricated by us according to the theme of the event. An opportunity to have fun expressing values, ideas and visions, while fostering team spirit, creativity and communication.

The final Falla monument is worth an exposure, for everyone to have a good glance at the thoughts and visions expressed by the teams.

- Recommended group size: min 100 ppl

- Duration of activity: approx 2.5 hours

- Benefits: Celebration - Communication - Teamwork  - Creativity - Fun

- Season: all year round