The Pyramid

The Pyramid

An activity designed to give the team the opportunity to work together and to achieve great things.

From the opening brief, participants assume they are competing to create a small Pyramid. Once ready we ask them for a second part and as the activity progresses, teams realise that together they can create something truly impressive. Now all teams work together and ensuring accuracy they experience the development of one of the 7 world wonders.

This activity can be organised indoor (with a minimum ceiling height of 3,5m) or outdoor and strengthens communication. It is physically not demanding and allows participants to use their natural talents. 

To complete the activity, we may include snacks & drinks for the final stage and we can also organise an unusual lunch or dinner for you.  

  • Recommended group size: min 60

  • Duration of activity: from 1 to 3 hours
  • Benefits: Communication - Celebration - Teamwork 

  • Season: all year round (indoor or outdoor) - indoor requires ceiling height of min 4m

  • Services included: Prize for 3 outstanding persons